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The Sustainability, Equity, & Justice Fund Grant Program promotes sustainability by providing grants to create and implement projects that positively impact environmental, social, health, and economic practices on our campus and in our community.

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Project Title Amount Awarded  Academic Year Approved Project Status 
Native Landscapes: Phase II – Art Annex $3,788.20  2022-2023  Active – Implementation Phase 
Sustainable Office Certification Toolkit  $4,840.50  2022-2023  Active – Implementation Phase 
Project ZeNETH: Construction Phase   $20,803.72  2022-2023  Active – Implementation Phase 
Campus Micromobility Counters  $99,185.00  2022-2023  Active – Implementation Phase 
Native Landscapes: Phase I – York Farm  $367.20  2022-2023  Completed 
Furniture Fest & Couchella  $22,497.96  2022-2023  Active – Implementation Phase 
Advancing the Morse Leadership Institute’s (MLI) Community Engagement Project Program  $35,000.00  2022-2023  Active – Implementation Phase 
WWU FASA Heritage Night  $1,000.00  2022-2023  Completed 
Earth Day Fair Free Produce Table  $972.90  2022-2023  Completed
Creating Community for Underrepresented Students in the Environmental Sciences (ESCI)  $20,897.50  2022-2023  Active – Implementation Phase 
QueerCon 2023  $3,700.00  2022-2023  Completed
Indigenous Resilience: Sharing Our Stories for Mental Health Promotion $30,000.00  2022-2023  Completed
Attending the American Planning Association (APA) National Conference 2023  $34,305.00  2022-2023  Completed
Growth, Resilience, and Belonging: Strengthening membership and experiences for Black and Brown Men at WWU  $28,000.00  2022-2023  Completed
Washington Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC) 2023 Scholarships  $7,682.00  2022-2023  Completed
LEAD Reforestation Demonstration Project  $20,772.00  2022-2023  Active – Implementation Phase 
Professional Development for Urban Planning Students: Presenting & Networking at the Washington American Planning Association (APA) Conference  $4,975.50  2022-2023  Completed
Furniture Fest  $2,348.80  2021-2022  Completed 
Mobile Field Station Housing for WWU Sustainability Pathways Students in the Methow Valley  $189,000 2021-2022  Active – Implementation Phase
Waiwai Ho’opa’a: Equitable Access to Housing, Food Security, and Recreation for families in Puna  $4,690  2021-2022  Completed 
Film Screening: Expedition Reclamation  $800  2021-2022 Completed
Strengthening Experiences for Black and Brown Men at Western Washington University  $25,000  2021-2022 Completed
Climate Leadership Certificate and Sustainability Pathways Capacity Development  $197,394.80  2021-2022 Active – Implementation Phase
Period Postal  $34,000 2021-2022 Completed
The Cabo Verde Islands Education Abroad Project $50,000  2021-2022 Completed 
Affordable Housing – Opportunities and Challenges to Creating More  $500  2021-2022 Completed 
Washington/Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC) Scholarships  $11,480 2021-2022 Completed