Sustainable Office Certification (SOC)

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Certified Offices 

Be the first office to become certified! Check out the Application section, below, to find the scoresheet. Once you are officially certified, your office’s name and rating will be posted here. 


The Sustainable Office Certification (SOC) is a comprehensive certification process open to all offices, departments, organizations, and colleges on Western’s campus. It is a way for these entities to contribute directly to the sustainability goals outlined in Western’ Strategic Plan and Sustainability Action Plan and take action to strengthen Western’s role as a leader in sustainability in the Pacific Northwest.  

This program was initiated in 2017 but was paused during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been updated and renewed for an exciting relaunch. The certification process includes a checklist scoresheet for offices to complete with the support of Sustainability Engagement Institute staff. As offices go through the checklist, they will accumulate points determined by the efforts they make towards sustainability practices while at work. At the end of the certification process, these points will be tallied, and the office will receive a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum rating. The certification will be renewed every two years, providing offices the opportunity to increase their score and deepen their understanding of how to live and work sustainably. 


The application is located on an Excel sheet and is referred to as the “scoresheet.” There are many tabs at the bottom that you will use to navigate to the different sections, and a list of actions to complete in each tab. The scoresheet is not intended to be filled out in one sitting. At the end of the application, there are a few optional activity sections you may decide to take part in as you strive to be a more sustainable office. 

If you get stuck when completing an action or have questions regarding the scoresheet, feel free to contact the Sustainability Engagement Institute at, and someone will help you find the resources you need. You can also request a virtual or in-person appointment. 

For a full list of instructions, see this PDF: LINK HERE. They are also lined out in the scoresheet provided by this LINK HERE

There is an option to receive a “starter kit” that will include materials and sustainable office supplies to help you get started in your certification process. Please email to request one of these kits.