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Sustainable Communities Partnership (SCP) connects Western faculty and students with projects identified by community partners.


Why Become a Sustainable Communities Partner?

Are you looking for a way to implement or improve something in your community? Does your community have an old problem that you want to look at in a new way? Would a project in your community benefit from the creativity and effort of Western Washington University (WWU) faculty and students?

Through SCP, WWU students work with faculty experts to generate innovative solutions to community projects. In WWU courses, students are learning best practices and the latest theories–and they are eager to translate their knowledge into practice. Many universities already do work related to communities, including planning, journalism, engineering, public health, and more. By partnering with SCP, your community will benefit from the creative ideas and the time of committed faculty and students.

Who Will I Work With?

You will work with the SCP coordinator to identify projects for students and faculty to work on. The coordinator will be your main point of contact throughout the partnership and will identify a faculty member and a relevant course to engage in the project. Learn more about our affiliated faculty here. We are continuing to grow our pool of faculty partners.

What Types of Projects Does SCP Engage In?

The list is growing each year! In the past, we have engaged in projects relating to planning, economics, disaster preparedness, engineering, geography, business, journalism, and more. We are especially interested in projects relating to climate change. Learn more about the past projects we’ve completed here.

How to Get Started:

Tell us that you are interested

Develop a project list with the help of the SCP Coordinator

Submit a proposal

Wait to hear from us

"These students have been able to accomplish things that are better than we are able to accomplish and probably better than any professional contractor could accomplish. Where else are you going to have 10 students working on a setback project?"

Ryan Waters

Skagit County

“This Sustainable Communities Partnership was incredibly valuable for the City of Edmonds. From mapping the cemetery, to completing an Environmental Assessment of a local marsh, to adding education and expertise to many areas of our city government, the influence of student learning has been immeasurable. Thank you for the opportunity to benefit from this inaugural program. It was well received from elected officials, city staff, and citizens!”

Carrie Hite

City of Edmonds