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The Sustainability, Equity, & Justice Fund Grant Program promotes sustainability by providing grants to create and implement projects that positively impact environmental, social, health, and economic practices on our campus and in our community.

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The Sustainability, Equity, & Justice Fund grant program is available to all current students, staff, and faculty members at Western Washington University. The SEJF provides grants for innovative student-focused proposals that fit within the mission and priorities of the SEJF program.

Grant applicants are not required to have prior grant writing experience. The SEJF program is designed to be a co-curricular opportunity. SEJF staff are available throughout every step of the grant process to help answer questions, brainstorm new ideas, and help develop skills in creating a successful proposal.

Requirements for Grant Proposals

Please adhere to the following general requirements for all grant sizes:

  • Proposals must address an issue concerning at least one of the following four pillars of sustainability at Western:
    • Create economic vitality
    • Promote well-being
    • Protect the environment
    • Uphold social justice
  • Proposals must have a visible educational benefit to Western's student community.
  • Proposals must include student participation and involvement.
  • The SEJF shall fund operational, maintenance, or ongoing costs for a limited trial period following the project's implementation date. If there are ongoing costs beyond the trial period, consult with the SEJF Program Coordinator to determine a strategy for the ongoing costs.
  • Grant applications will not be accepted by individuals or teams that have unmet requirements from previous SEJF grant projects.
    • Ex. If you previously been awarded SEJF grant funding and have completed your project, but have failed to submit a final report, you are not eligible to apply for new SEJF funding until you submit that final report.

Individuals/teams are required to meet with a program representative prior to starting the application to determine initial alignment with the SEJF mission.

Awarded Project Teams Will Be Required to:

  • Meet on a regular basis with an SEJF team member to discuss project status.
  • Present at the annual SEJF Showcase.
  • Submit a Final Report, including a final expense report.

The SEJF shall not: