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The Sustainability, Equity, & Justice Fund Grant Program promotes sustainability by providing grants to create and implement projects that positively impact environmental, social, health, and economic practices on our campus and in our community.

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Western students, staff, and faculty members are eligible to apply for a Sustainability, Equity, & Justice Fund (SEJF) grant. Individuals or organizations outside of Western Washington University should look elsewhere for funding opportunities.

Requirements for Grant Proposals

All proposals submitted to the SEJF Committee must:

Include a staff or faculty sponsor.

Address an issue concerning sustainability.

Have an educational benefit to Western’s student community.

Include student participation and involvement.

Receive all necessary written approval by the appropriate University administration or departments before final submission.

Provide a method for evaluation and follow-up after the allocation of funds.

All allocated funds must be spent within the proposal’s approved timeline, unless otherwise approved by the SEJF Committee. Ideally, proposals will have a timeline of one year or less.

Make all requests to hold or attend conferences or events, or for travel, two months prior to the actual activity date.


Awarded Project Teams Will Be Required to:

Meet on a regular basis with an SEJF team member to discuss project status.

Present at the annual SEJF Showcase.

Submit a Final Report for the SEJF Grant Coordinator.

The SEJF shall not: