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Sustainability storytellers are individuals who progress any aspect of the four pillars of sustainability, ecological protection, social equity, economic vitality, and human health. By telling their story of sustainability, they encourage others to engage in meaningful action.

What’s your story? If you would like to share, or nominate someone to share their story, please email for more information.


Karen Dade poses in Cabo Verdean garb

Dr. Karen B. McLean Dade

“I incorporate sustainability into my life through my cultural experiences and beliefs. I do not forget the shoulders that I stand upon, and I practice honoring my family members and ancestors for the sacrifices they made for their descendants."

Dr. Karen B. McLean Dade
Woodring College of Education
Jillian Trinkaus headshot

Jillian Trinkaus

“Minimizing car travel is the largest single action that people can take to increase their own health and that of the planet.”
Jillian Trinkaus
WWU Commute Options and Transportation Planning Manager
Gwen Larned peeks out from a dumpster


"Sustainability to me is about helping people thrive"

Gwen Larned
Santa Monica College Recycling Program Specialist
Lindsey MacDonald smiles on a mountain hike


“We must think of ourselves as not separate from this planet, but so intricately connected. To do this work well, I believe we need to listen to the quiet human and non-human voices all around us.”

Lindsey MacDonald
WWU Director of Sustainability
Turner Campbell and Zach Haring pose together on a log

Turner and Zach

“We’ve come to understand that sustainability is a universal empathy, and that everyone deserves a slice.”

Turner Campbell and Zach Haring
Partners in Sustainability
Shannon Sandberg smiles next to a tree


“I believe we have the tools to make a sustainable world, it is just about giving people who have already been doing the work the power to make broad changes.”

Shannon Sandberg
Sustainability, Equity, and Justice Fund Project Coordinator
Kenzi Garner headshot in front of a tree


"I learned the culprit of climate change isn’t bathroom lights left on or what’s for dinner. It is historically-produced and institutionalized power dynamics."

Kenzi Garner
AS Alternative Transportation Coordinator