Climate Leadership Certificate Cohort Two 2022-2023

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The Climate Leadership Certificate provides the training and experience needed for students to apply a variety of skills to critical work in climate action and justice, as well as other vital areas of sustainability, including social justice, economic vitality, and well-being. Throughout the one-and-a-half year program, students engage in curriculum targeted at sustainability literacy, planning, and leadership, while also participating in hands-on practicum work with a variety of sustainability organizations in Whatcom County and the Methow Valley.

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The Climate Leadership Certificate’s second cohort of students begins the program with a breadth of experience and variety of interests surrounding the critical issues of climate action, social justice, economic vitality, and well-being.

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Lauren Adams

Growing up in the Bay Area, I continually experienced climate change discussions. In high school, I felt a growing fascination and care for the environment. This occurred simultaneously with the onset of my understanding that climate change has countless intersections with issues of social justice. 


Law, Diversity, and Justice major
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Liam Flynn

There were very few spots in my hometown to enjoy serene, natural landscapes. One of those spots was Lake Springfield, yet over the years I saw how the huge coal smokestacks and sewer runoff would leave the lake extremely polluted. This clear connection between pollution and nature was just my first call to action and would lead me down my path towards climate leadership.

Environmental Studies major with a Political Science minor
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Nelson Lobo

I was first inspired to think about climate change after myriad childhood adventures in the Cascades. Seeing the beauty and vastness of the mountains helped me understand why it is important to preserve our world. I found an interest in climate justice when the realization of the link between saving our planet and saving the human landscape truly hit home.

Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy major
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Sarah Safadi

What first inspired me about climate justice was interacting with people during my first job as an outreach coordinator for the Green Team of my old school. I realized that people did not know much about how our waste system works, and I wanted to do something to change that.

Environmental Policy major with a double Environmental Justice and Education minor
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Clara Copley

Growing up in a mountain town in the Rockies, I was exposed to the outdoors from a very young age and  introduced to the inevitable pressures of climate change. These experiences allowed me to learn that I was passionate about climate action and climate work, and I have tailored these passions into my academic and personal life.

Environmental Policy major with a Environmental Justice minor
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Elena King

My interest in studying environmental change started in high school. I attended the Environmental Leaders Summit in Seattle and was introduced to how different people and companies combat global climate change. I am excited about creating interpersonal connections to strengthen our cohort and create substantial change.


Environmental Science major with a Leadership minor
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Heather Pedroza

My first major influence to be involved in climate justice has to do with my first job in high school. It was the first time I was introduced to the massive waste stream produced by the fast food industry. It was then that I decided to become a part of a community that was working to protect the environment and stop pollution.

Environmental Studies major with a Political Science minor
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Sienna Taylor

Growing up in the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, AZ and the Tetons of Jackson Hole, WY, I became fixated on protecting vulnerable ecosystems and cultures. Skiing, hiking, and mountain biking in these magnificent landscapes has driven my desire to create resilient socio-ecological systems.

Environmental Studies major with a Policy Emphasis and Honors Interdisciplinary minor