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The Sustainability, Equity, & Justice Fund Grant Program promotes sustainability by providing grants to create and implement projects that positively impact environmental, social, health, and economic practices on our campus and in our community.

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How do small grants get funded?


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Reach out via email: if you have any questions.

How do medium/large grants get funded?

Every SEJF grant starts with an idea—yours! If you think your idea can make a difference, you should get started by doing these three things:

  •    Attend an Idea Lab
  •    Chat with our staff
  •    Start drafting your grant proposal

The proposal form is designed to help you explain how your idea makes Western more sustainable, and how it can be effectively implemented. Proposals will then be reviewed and considered by the SEJF Committee, which is comprised of Western students, faculty, and staff.  Proposals are reviewed concurrently, as there is a limited funding-pool, and the project teams whose ideas most closely align with the SEJF mission are invited to complete an application and make a presentation to the committee in the Winter Quarter. After final presentations, the committee chooses which applications are approved for funding, and the project teams have one academic year to complete the project. Rewarded funds are administered by the SEJF Grant Program Manager for all approved teams.

The Sustainability, Equity, & Justice Fund (SEJF) provides large grants to individuals and teams who seek to make a significant impact on Western’s sustainability through a project that will require a large budget. For the purpose of the SEJF, a large budget is anything that is $35,000 or more. These funds can be used to change Western’s built environment, bring speakers to campus, create an outreach event, or anything else that has the potential to protect our local and global ecology, uphold social equity, create economic vitality, and promote human health. Those are the four pillars of sustainability, and they are the foundation of our mission.

Any Western student, staff, or faculty member is able to apply for a large grant. Students should have a faculty advisor for their application. Individuals are urged to develop a team of contributors—collaboration is essential!