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The Sustainability, Equity, & Justice Fund Grant Program promotes sustainability by providing grants to create and implement projects that positively impact environmental, social, health, and economic practices on our campus and in our community.

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Apply for a Grant

Once you have an idea, gather a team, and start researching the feasibility and logistics of your idea. Go to the Apply page for more information on the application process.

The Sustainability, Equity, and Justice Fund Committee in a meeting

Join the Committee

This is the student, staff and faculty committee that allocates funding for Sustainable, Equity and Justice Fund projects. The Committee has student-at-large openings every year. You can find more information on the AS website.

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Join the Campus Sustainability Planning Studio

Do you have a really big project idea that needs some time to be developed? Sign up for the Campus Sustainability Planning Studio (CSPS) course through Huxley. This class revolves around forming a research team to help solve sustainability issues at Western and beyond. If you don’t have a SEJF grant proposal idea now, you can come up with one once in this class.

The walkway on south campus in front of Arntzen Hall on a clear spring day

Take the Campus Tour

Bring your friends and take this self-guided tour of the Sustainability, Equity, and Justice Fund projects on campus (it starts at the Rec Center and ends at the PAC). If you are interested in taking a tour with one of our employees please contact