Viking Supported Agriculture


VSA is Western’s Community Supported Agriculture program, connecting students, staff, and faculty with Whatcom/Skagit County produce and producers. By signing up, you will receive a box of local, fresh, sustainably sourced food directly from farmers. Getting good food to people in crisis times and supporting local and sustainable agriculture is a highly supportive activity that each one of us may be able to participate in for the greater good of our community.

More About the Benefits of Community Supported Agriculture

Fall/Winter CSA Boldly Grown Farm Returns for 2021-22 

Boldly Grown Farm is a certified organic family farm in the Skagit Valley.  Established in 2015 by Amy Frye and Jacob Slosberg, they are proud to grow some of the best winter vegetables in the PNW. The winter CSA program is a unique opportunity to receive a regular supply of local food during the traditional off-season. This CSA runs from November 3, 2021-March 17, 2022, with delivery to our office in High Street Hall on the main Bellingham campus. The boxes feature a variety of staple and specialty items, including value-added products.  

You can sign up for their Winter CSA box at the above link and choose one of many drop locations in the region. 

Farm Details

For the 2022 Season, two farms from the 2021 season will be returning Please see here for details on each farm from the 2022 season. Please sign up directly at each farm website, using your WWU email if possible. For those of you who desire multiple shares, please follow the sign-up instructions for each provider. If any questions arise, please contact the provider directly. If you have WWU-specific questions, please reach out 


Please be sure to sign up using your WWU email address or identify yourself as a VSA participant.  This helps our data! 

Prior Season Farms

Thank you to all of these farms for partnering with us to distribute food to the community, and to all of our subscribers for supporting them! Check back here next year for a new round of sign-ups!

Donate VSA Shares to Students in Need

Food security continues to be challenging for our community members. We have set up a dedicated fund to receive your donations to help pay for weekly fresh produce for students in need. Last year our community donated a total of $729, paying for 60 weeks of fresh produce for our community members experiencing food insecurity. Thank you!