Sustainable Communities Partnership

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The Sustainable Communities Partnership (SCP) program focuses the energy and ideas of faculty and students upon the issues that communities face as our society transitions to a more sustainable future, facilitating a program in which Western students complete community-engaged learning projects to address problems identified by the partner.

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Video: Why the Sustainable Communities Partnership?

A Sustainable Communities Partnership student carries surveying equipment down a city street

Learn more about how you can integrate real-world experience into your courses while supporting local communities.

Learn more about how SCP can help implement innovative solutions within your community.

Sustainable communities value, and support through action:

  • Well Being
  • Social Justice
  • Livability
  • Environmental Protection
  • Economic Vitality

Sustainable communities strive for a thriving today and a thriving future.

SCP supports this definition of sustainability by engaging courses and faculty from many disciplines across campus. While we are always looking to expand the list, here are some of the departments we have engaged so far:

  • Anthropology
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Studies
  • Journalism
  • Management
  • Recreation

We do this work because we care about the health of our neighbors and the planet. We also think it is a great way to engage students in hands-on learning.