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The Campus Sustainability Planning Studio (CSPS) is student research aimed at the transition to sustainability, providing hands-on, problem-based learning where student research teams help WWU and the broader community achieve sustainability in energy conservation, waste reduction, transportation, local foods, green purchasing, green building, sustainability media, and more!

All Western students are welcome to take the planning studio. Override must be provided for certain disciplines.

Past Projects

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SReps: The Future of the Sustainability Ambassadors Program

Fall 2022

Program Recommendations for Fall, 2022 (PDF)
Sreps Inventory (PDF)

Sustainable Office Certification (SOC)

Spring 2022

Final Report SOC (PDF)

COVID Response Team: Working from Home

Spring 2022

COVID Response Report (PDF)

Blueprint for Sustainability: A Framework for Facilitating Community Cooperation and Engagement in Response to Climate Change Focused Projects

Spring 2022

Blueprint for Sustainability Report (PDF)

Planning for Legislative Action on Climate Equity

Fall 2021

Planning for Legislative Action on Climate Equity Project Report

Investing in Our Future: A Plan for Sustainable Investment at WWU

Fall 2021

Sustainable Investment Project Report

Investing in Our Future A Plan for Sustainable Investment at Western Washington University

Fall 2021

Sustainable Investing

Improving Western Washington University's Wellbeing and Sustainability by Installing Bike Counters

Fall 2021

Washington University's Bike Counters (Word)

The New Hybrid Modality: Expanding Learning Options Post Covid-19

Spring 2021

Hybrid Modality (PDF)

Steps to Accessible Farming at WWU

Spring 2021

Steps to Accessible Farming at WWU (PDF)

Menstrual Equity At Western Washington University

Spring 2021

Menstrual Equity Report (PDF)

Improving the Effectiveness of Project ZeNETH Through Targeted Curriculum Building

Spring 2021

ZeNETH Final Report (PDF)

Carbon Farming Through A Conservation Trust Model

Spring 2021

Carbon Farming (PDF)

Alternative Sustainable Solutions to Architectural Glazing

Spring 2021

Glazing (PDF)