Goal 1: Create uniform waste collection receptacle standards across Western, providing compost, recycling, and landfill bins.

1.1 Provide portable recycling and composting receptacles with appropriate signage for all events hosted on Western property and by Western-affiliated groups, beginning fall 2018.

1.2 Eliminate paper towel waste by 2020.

1.3 Expand and improve collection of non-traditional recyclable materials beginning fall 2020.

1.4 Divert waste from the landfill by providing opportunities for campus to recycle and compost effectively and efficiently by 2025.

1.5 Identify funding sources to expand Big Belly recycling program during the 2017- 2019 biennium.

Goal 2: Reinstitutionalize management practices and policies for waste collection.

2.1 Create mechanisms to connect the different departments that manage waste by fall 2020.

2.2 Institute quarterly waste management meetings across stakeholders to address issues and propose improvements to waste reduction systems, by fall 2017.

2.3 Formalize, with Facility Design and Capital Budget staff, Big Belly recycling stations as a university standard for outdoor bins by 2018.

2.4 Formalize Western’s Ban on Single-Use water bottle sales by fall 2017.

2.5 Create an engaged citizenry, consistent expectations, and student buy-in to waste reduction by fall 2020.

2.6 Manage waste wisely at all events hosted on Western property and by Western-affiliated groups by fall 2020.

2.7 Initiate systematic waste data-collection beginning winter 2019.

2.8 Implement a Zero Waste Certification program beginning winter 2020.

Goal 3: Provide opportunities for waste reduction education to Western faculty, staff, students, and visitors on accepted waste reduction practices.

3.1 Continue to create and improve opportunities for students to be directly involved with Zero Waste Western.

3.2 Provide waste reduction training to all staff and faculty beginning in 2020.

Goal 4: Reduce electronic and hazardous waste.

4.1 Develop a framework for a university-wide, centralized chemical purchasing system by 2022.

4.2 Reduce quantity of hazardous academic lab waste per student by 2030.

4.3 Improve university-wide usage and replacement of computers, especially in general use computer labs by 2022.