Curriculum and Research

Goal 1: Western’s curricula provide all students opportunities to nurture and create the conditions for a thriving society, economy, and environment (SEE)

1.1 Increase enrollment to 50 students by 2022 in the Sustainability Studies minor.

1.2 Every major has curricular options that include sustainability content by 2020.

1.3 Identify and promote opportunities for engaged learning in the area of sustainability by 2020.

1.4 Expand sustainability related student research opportunities [Independent Study Projects (ISP)] to all interested students by 2020.

Goal 2: Western supports scholarship and teaching that contribute to the understanding and promotion of sustainability.

2.1 Commit resources to promote Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WAHESC) by 2020.

2.2 Provide funding for three (3) faculty and staff across disciplines to attend conferences that promote sustainability beginning 2018.

2.3 Establish internal funding for sustainability research starting summer 2019.

Goal 3: Western recruits and retains faculty and staff who focus on sustainability.

3.1 Maintain annual funding of a total of $10K for up to ten (10) Sustainability Fellows.

3.2 Create a tenure-track faculty line devoted to sustainability by next biennium (2019-2021).

3.3 Increase faculty capacity to offer sustainability-related curriculum by 2019.

Goal 4: Western is home to an Institute for Sustainability (IS).

4.1 Develop a 5-year strategic plan for the IS by 2019.

4.2 Begin fundraising campaign for IS in 2019.