Washington Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference

Banner with a forest background and the information: Washington and Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference, March 2-4, 2022. Virtual Access

What is the Washington Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference?

The Washington Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC) is the premier regional campus sustainability conference. The topics discussed throughout the program focus on social, economic, and environmental topics with an emphasis on creating strong connections between campuses throughout Washington and Oregon. The conference provides a great opportunity for students to delve into issues surrounding social justice, environmental education, food security, energy alternatives, and many other themes under the broad umbrella of sustainability. You will have opportunities to connect with other Western students as well as students from other colleges and universities in the region to create a strong and united community. You will also be able to meet with potential employers and create connections.

This year’s WOHESC itinerary can be found on the their website, with inspiring keynote speakers and timely breakout session topics included. The conference will take place virtually on March 2nd through the 4th, 2022.

The Sustainability Engagement Institute is providing scholarships to cover the cost of admission to the conference and supporting a cohort experience for all scholarship recipients. These scholarships are funded through a student-led Sustainability, Equity, and Justice Fund grant. The pre-conference events will center on community building, WWU sustainability goals and ongoing initiatives, and information about navigating WOHESC. The post-conference events will create time for reflection on major takeaways as well as provide time for scholarship recipients to access support in completing future goals and engagement with sustainability on campus. These events will be facilitated by the Sustainability Engagement Institute Student Ambassador Alyssa Tsukada, and center on creating a community of sustainability focused student leaders.

If you have any questions regarding WOHESC information, please contact Alyssa Tsukada at Sustain.Student.Ambassador@wwu.edu